Going Underground with Dowden

Praised for diversity in his DJing and musical writing, Dowden presents a deep, yet charging energy full of Melodic atmosphere. Ranging from high octane gritty Progressive nuance, to enchanting Deep House hymns, all with a subtle tone of darkness and mystery.

We are lucky to have Dowden on the label during his upwards trajectory and have been keeping an eye on him for awhile now, considering he is from Toronto.

Dowden has a dirty and powerful sound. It’s unique. You know it is him playing when you hear him DJing or even a mix or remix, he has definitely crafted a sound for himself and we love it.

Thanks for taking the time to make this mix for us, Brendan, and answering our questions below. We can’t wait to hear what’s in store for you as we expect it to be something grand! Audiences can expect a new remix from Dowden next month on Modern Agenda.

Describe the moment when you realized you were meant to make music? Or even if not, “meant”, when did you decide to take the leap and go for it?

Since I was really young I wanted to make music. I was in so many bands and felt I was the only one who was extremely passionate about it. I was always the ‘leader’ in the band. I would get all the shows booked, plan all the band rehearsals, etc. Eventually, I realized that I was not going to be successful when my passions were higher of those involved in the same project. I decided to start working on music by myself, around 8 years ago. Luckily, around that time is when I discovered electronic music, and began just having fun with synths and samples. It took a few years before I really decided that Electronic Dance Music was the route I wanted to take, and I really started diving in and focusing a lot of my time in producing. Just recently I quit my full time job, and moved to Europe to focus all my working time on creating music and pushing my musical career. It was a very scary move for me, but I felt it was the perfect time to take the leap and dive fully into music.

Describe your career at one year in, three years in, and now. Where is it headed from here?

 I’d actually consider this to be my first year as my career, and I’m only just a couple weeks in! I quit my job about 5 weeks ago, and am currently traveling a bit of Europe, before settling in Berlin for about two months. This move was necessary to have all my energy focused on creating enough music to push my career into a direction that can be sustainable while I continue to build my musical identity and share my music with the world. 

What changes did you go through as an artist and in your personal life, do you find you have changed as a person over the years you’ve been an active artist? If yes, how so?

 I have learned many life lessons during my time as an artist, some which I would never have learned if I wasn’t an artist. Unfortunately, these lessons usually come at a cost of friendships (or what you thought were friendships), self doubt, and disappointments. I’ve learned a lot of people have hidden agendas, and that your efforts are not always reciprocated, and you can’t expect them to be, or you’re setting yourself up to be hurt, and to resent people. It’s better to be very particular in who you lend your trust to. People will take advantage, and it’s a very taxing situation that I’ve found myself in many times. Learning how to separate personal relationships and ties from business is a tough one, but it is a very important lesson that I’ve learned and now live by. Aside from that, leaving my job and focusing on music full time is a huge change! Can you tell I’m excited about that? Haha. 

What is your greatest source of inspiration and how do you get yourself in a creative mood when you aren’t feeling especially inspired?

 Music is definitely my greatest source of inspiration. If I’m ever in a writers block or not feeling inspired, I’ll watch my favorite artists DJing sets to huge crowds. I imagine myself in their shoes, and I immediately think “if I am ever going to be up their, on that stage, I need to get to work.” So I do just that! It’s extremely inspiring to me. Listening to new music always gets me in the mood to write something as well. 

Where can people find your work online (social links) and what are the details for any upcoming gigs and/or releases?

I’ll be playing the Modern Agenda Label Showcase at ADE this year, which was an absolute blast last year and super happy to be back. I’ve been pretty quiet with releases lately, my last one was a 4 track EP on Beatfreak Limited, which came out August 30th and is still sitting in the Top 100 Charts which is really great! I’ve been hustling and writing a lot of new music, collaborating with artists like Exit Coda, Adrian Roman, Como Sea, and Mustafa Ismaeel. So there will definitely be some new music coming out in a few months. 

As for my music, you know the drill! You can find my music on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.




Meoteric 007 W/ Nadia Guest Mix ( Free Download )

Here is this months Meoteric guest mix from Nadia.

follow Nadia:

Facebook: Nadia LDMN “ناديه”

Soundcloud: @nadiasouth3zero

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Facebook: JoeMarcangeloDJ

Instagram: joemarcangelo

Twitter: JoeMarcangeloDJ

Track list:
Enter – Golan Zocher
Sign of Erevos (Marcelo Paladini Remix) – Paul Angelo, Don Argento
Pure Pleasure (Kostya Outta Remix) – Jelly For The Babies, Kostya Outta
Twilight (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix) – Rick Pier O’Neil, Serge Landar
Maya (Original Mix) – Fresen, Mental Order
Delirious (Original Mix) – Matan Caspi
Afterlife (Ewan Rill Remix) – Dimitris Kalfas, Ewan Rill, Nikko Mavridis
Freeloader (Cid Inc. Remix) – Cid Inc., Rich Curtis
Flawless (Original Mix) – Vitaly Shturm
Discover Feat. Valldeneu(Original Mix) – Triumph, Valldeneu