Going Underground 007 – Echo Babylon

Formed in late 2015 when two friends Kim Lagusz and Laurie Judd combined their passion for dance music…Their debut release followed soon after when they remixed ‘Tigers are better looking’ by BBC Radio 6 favourites Becky Becky. This was followed in quick succession by a number of releases on labels across Europe and South America….

Going Underground with Nadia

Track List

Thatha (Original Mix) – Oluhle, Armonica – Stil Vor Talent
Vapour (Tripswitch Remix) – Chris Cargo, Sonic Union, Tripswitch – onedotsixtwo
No Train Without Raills (Original Mix) – Leon Capeta – Clinique Recordings
No Gravity (Original Mix) – Rodrigo Lapena, Gonzalo Sacc – Beat Boutique
Adena (Original Mix) – GMJ – Tarnished Tracks
Darpa (Original Mix) – Cid Inc. – Replug
Utopia (Original Mix) – Tonaco – Genesis Music
Koira (Original Mix) – Interaxxis – Sudbeat Music
Late Bloom (Original Mix) – Lanvary – Proton Music
The Past Behind Your Back (Original Mix) – Dhany G – Balkan Connection

FOLLOW NADIA ON SOUNDCLOUD – https://soundcloud.com/nadiasouth3zero

Going Underground with Dowden

Praised for diversity in his DJing and musical writing, Dowden presents a deep, yet charging energy full of Melodic atmosphere. Ranging from high octane gritty Progressive nuance, to enchanting Deep House hymns, all with a subtle tone of darkness and mystery.

We are lucky to have Dowden on the label during his upwards trajectory and have been keeping an eye on him for awhile now, considering he is from Toronto.

Dowden has a dirty and powerful sound. It’s unique. You know it is him playing when you hear him DJing or even a mix or remix, he has definitely crafted a sound for himself and we love it.

Thanks for taking the time to make this mix for us, Brendan, and answering our questions below. We can’t wait to hear what’s in store for you as we expect it to be something grand! Audiences can expect a new remix from Dowden next month on Modern Agenda.

Describe the moment when you realized you were meant to make music? Or even if not, “meant”, when did you decide to take the leap and go for it?

Since I was really young I wanted to make music. I was in so many bands and felt I was the only one who was extremely passionate about it. I was always the ‘leader’ in the band. I would get all the shows booked, plan all the band rehearsals, etc. Eventually, I realized that I was not going to be successful when my passions were higher of those involved in the same project. I decided to start working on music by myself, around 8 years ago. Luckily, around that time is when I discovered electronic music, and began just having fun with synths and samples. It took a few years before I really decided that Electronic Dance Music was the route I wanted to take, and I really started diving in and focusing a lot of my time in producing. Just recently I quit my full time job, and moved to Europe to focus all my working time on creating music and pushing my musical career. It was a very scary move for me, but I felt it was the perfect time to take the leap and dive fully into music.

Describe your career at one year in, three years in, and now. Where is it headed from here?

 I’d actually consider this to be my first year as my career, and I’m only just a couple weeks in! I quit my job about 5 weeks ago, and am currently traveling a bit of Europe, before settling in Berlin for about two months. This move was necessary to have all my energy focused on creating enough music to push my career into a direction that can be sustainable while I continue to build my musical identity and share my music with the world. 

What changes did you go through as an artist and in your personal life, do you find you have changed as a person over the years you’ve been an active artist? If yes, how so?

 I have learned many life lessons during my time as an artist, some which I would never have learned if I wasn’t an artist. Unfortunately, these lessons usually come at a cost of friendships (or what you thought were friendships), self doubt, and disappointments. I’ve learned a lot of people have hidden agendas, and that your efforts are not always reciprocated, and you can’t expect them to be, or you’re setting yourself up to be hurt, and to resent people. It’s better to be very particular in who you lend your trust to. People will take advantage, and it’s a very taxing situation that I’ve found myself in many times. Learning how to separate personal relationships and ties from business is a tough one, but it is a very important lesson that I’ve learned and now live by. Aside from that, leaving my job and focusing on music full time is a huge change! Can you tell I’m excited about that? Haha. 

What is your greatest source of inspiration and how do you get yourself in a creative mood when you aren’t feeling especially inspired?

 Music is definitely my greatest source of inspiration. If I’m ever in a writers block or not feeling inspired, I’ll watch my favorite artists DJing sets to huge crowds. I imagine myself in their shoes, and I immediately think “if I am ever going to be up their, on that stage, I need to get to work.” So I do just that! It’s extremely inspiring to me. Listening to new music always gets me in the mood to write something as well. 

Where can people find your work online (social links) and what are the details for any upcoming gigs and/or releases?

I’ll be playing the Modern Agenda Label Showcase at ADE this year, which was an absolute blast last year and super happy to be back. I’ve been pretty quiet with releases lately, my last one was a 4 track EP on Beatfreak Limited, which came out August 30th and is still sitting in the Top 100 Charts which is really great! I’ve been hustling and writing a lot of new music, collaborating with artists like Exit Coda, Adrian Roman, Como Sea, and Mustafa Ismaeel. So there will definitely be some new music coming out in a few months. 

As for my music, you know the drill! You can find my music on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.




FREE DOWNLOAD: Olga Misty – ADE Promo Mix

Here is a new 100% Modern Agenda-made mix by Olga Misty in preparation for her gig at our Modern Agenda ADE Showcase at Kashmir Lounge Dj Cafe October 18!

We have had our eye on Olga for awhile and thank her for supporting the label and its artists over the years in her radio shows and live events.

Beautiful mix, Olga! Can’t wait to see you at ADE! We will be on the dance floor! 😉

LINK: https://soundcloud.com/modernagenda/olga-misty-ade-promo-mix

01. Robert R. Hardy & Amber Long – Fade In My Dreams (Original Mix)
02. Ivan Sandhas – Slipping Away (Diego Berrondo Remix)
03. Subandrio ft. Amber Long – Morning Glory (Original Mix)
04. Blusoul – Fields Of Glass (Simos Tagias Remix)
05. Dale Middleton – Everything (Golan Zocher Remix)
06. Paul Lennar – Sweet Harmony (Armandhe Remix)
07. Ivan Sandhas – Slipping Away (EANP Remix)
08. Jelly For The Babies – Grey Matter (Nishan Lee Remix)
09. Priya Sen & Aman Anand – Stargaze (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix)
10. Robert R. Hardy – Life Thoughts (Original Mix)
11. Subandrio ft. Amber Long – Atlantis (Original Mix)
12. Golan Zocher & Kamilo Sanclemente Feat. Amber Long – Getting Closer (Original Mix)

Meoteric 007 W/ Nadia (Free Download)

Meoteric is a mix series by Manchester based DJ/Producer Joe Marcangelo. This month’s Meoteric guest mix is by the brilliant Nadia,who you can catch playing at Progressive Astronaut’s boat party on 12/10/2019 alongside GMJ & Matter, Moshic & many more.

Click the embedded Souncloud player below to be redirected to Soundcloud were you can get the mix as a free download by clicking the free download button.

Institution 025: Tim Penner

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Tim Penner is a unique artist. He weaves dark textures with driving percussion and sweeping soundscapes, as a means of storytelling through sound.

Penner has released tracks on labels such as JOOF, Sudbeat, Proton Music, Cycles, Black Hole, as well as on his own label – Slideways Music. Indeed, his recent album “Radio Silence” for JOOF Recordings debuted at #1 on Beatport ACROSS ALL GENRES. It was also selected for MixMag’s album of the month.

Penner’s live performances are not to be missed. His DJ career has taken him around the world, including recent gigs in both North and South America, Australia, and Europe. Anyone who has met him will attest to the fact that Tim brings forth a positive, friendly, dynamic vibe on and off the stage.

To say that we are honoured that he has made this exclusive guest mix for us would be an understatement. This is dark and dirty prog at it’s best! Thanks Tim! ❤


Social Links:

Soundcloud: @timpenner
Instagram: www.instagram.com/timpenner/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TimPennerMusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/TimPennerMusic
Beatport: pro.beatport.com/artist/tim-penner/216326

Track List

01 Subandrio – The Other Side (Original Mix)
02 Matan Caspi – Delirious (Original Mix)
03 Erkka – The Floating Point (MKLY Remix)
04 Kastis Torrau – Route 88 (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
05 Luka Sambe & Filter Bear – 27S
06 Recode – Irreale (Alberth Remix)
07 Subandrio – The Future Now (Original Mix)
08 Michael A – Cyclus (Original Mix)
09 Paul Deep – Medusa (John Cosani Remix)
10 Men-D – Vasile (Mehmet Akar Remix)
11 Seth Vogt – 3rd Best Sunset

Meoteric 007 W/ Nadia Guest Mix ( Free Download )

Here is this months Meoteric guest mix from Nadia.

follow Nadia:

Facebook: Nadia LDMN “ناديه”

Soundcloud: @nadiasouth3zero

follow Joe Marcangelo:

Facebook: JoeMarcangeloDJ

Instagram: joemarcangelo

Twitter: JoeMarcangeloDJ

Track list:
Enter – Golan Zocher
Sign of Erevos (Marcelo Paladini Remix) – Paul Angelo, Don Argento
Pure Pleasure (Kostya Outta Remix) – Jelly For The Babies, Kostya Outta
Twilight (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix) – Rick Pier O’Neil, Serge Landar
Maya (Original Mix) – Fresen, Mental Order
Delirious (Original Mix) – Matan Caspi
Afterlife (Ewan Rill Remix) – Dimitris Kalfas, Ewan Rill, Nikko Mavridis
Freeloader (Cid Inc. Remix) – Cid Inc., Rich Curtis
Flawless (Original Mix) – Vitaly Shturm
Discover Feat. Valldeneu(Original Mix) – Triumph, Valldeneu

Going Underground with Jay Perlestein

From hypnotic sets to energetic sessions, Jay Perlestein wraps the dance floor with a mix of Deep House, Tech House and Techno rhythms fused with the sounds of House, Disco and Electronica, creating an atmosphere full of dramatic and traveling melodies, powerful bass lines and Latin touches, a combination that sets him apart.

Jay can be found playing all over Mexico. He is a Resident DJ for: Fest-ON, Project Sound and 3rd Eye Music; Also from terrace Be Roof in Playa del Carmen, Mex. Any poster coming out of a variety of places in Mexico? Chances are you will see Jay’s name on it.

Modern Agenda happily released Jay Perlestein’s first release on Beatport alongside two other Mexican artists, Gustavo Logo and Audictive. His EP Moon Road came out July 1, 2019.

The Original Mix of Moon Road sets the mood for the entire EP. Its eeriness is only counteracted by the grittiness and this makes for a powerful, melodic, emotive track. Once the breakdown hits, all are curious how the story plays out, hooked on what’s to come. This one is more for the introspective music lovers, for the darkest hours of the night.

Jay Perlestein is making his way over the ocean to ADE this year and we have him on our showcase line up at Kashmir Lounge, Oct 18. You’ll be able to catch him live and hear his sound first hand.

Until then, press play on this mix and read up on our five questions. We didn’t edit Jay’s responses and you can “hear” his personality shine through. He’s talented, yes, but he is a really nice guy too.

Thanks for taking the time to make us a mix and answer our questions, Jay!

Describe the moment you realized you were destined to make music. Or even if not, “meant”, when did you decide to take the leap and try?

I think it was many years ago when I recently discovered electronic music, because it fascinated me to imagine what they would have done to create each of those sounds that blew my head and gave me a feeling of chills every time the track evolved. from that moment I knew that some day I would like to create those sounds and therefore music, at that time I was listening to Progressive trance & Minimal Techno, Lol

Describe your career to the year, to the three years and now. Where are you going from here?

It’s been 6 years since I started this story, this project was born after years of practice and define where I wanted to point: Jay Perlestein; I feel that they went by so fast if I think about it, and at the same time so many things happened that they feel like a whole life, when I arrived in Playa del Carmen it was where everything started to grow very fast, I feel grateful to have shared the stage with many talents ; Being part of the producers Project Sound and Go Out, Fest-On is an important achievement for me; and at the same time they are a fundamental part of my growth as an artist, I will always be grateful for their constant support, and we will continue.

This year without a doubt has been very important for me, and of course for my career as an artist, because after years of self-made attempts, and after several months of study and real dedication I was able to come up with a Track that I felt ready for was heard by all as mine, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gustavo Lobo and perphetual studio for their support and for the great remixes, and of course to Modern Agenda for opening the doors to me in their Label, infinite thanks.

And soon they will be listening to a lot of music from me, music from the heart of course, and I think that is where I want to take this, dreams fulfilled more and more often!

What changes did you experience as an artist and in your personal life, you discover that you have changed as a person over the years in which you have been an active artist? If so, how?

Without a doubt, it helped me to mature as a person, because when you take something seriously to make it vibrate in the right way, this helps you to align all the other aspects of your life, with clear ups and downs but always lifting.

What is your best source of inspiration and how do you find yourself in a creative mood when you do not feel especially inspired?

The music of the 80s, rock and pop can inspire me a lot, without a doubt listening to a couple of tracks from my favorites, or from my favorite producers helps if I’m a little discouraged.

Where can people find their work online (social links) and what are the details of upcoming concerts and / or releases?


Recently I will be doing a small tour through the center of the country, including on August 31 one of my favorite festivals in the heart of Veracruz: Sunset Soul, truly a unique experience in an eco-resort in the middle of the jungle, full contact with nature , sharing with great artists like Rick Pier O’neil, Amber Long, Neo Human … and many will surely surprise you !, super recommended for those who like the underground scene.

Soon my next EP will be released in the Label 3er Eye Music, based on tulum, be aware of the networks for more info.


Going Underground with Juliane Wolf

Juliane Wolf started DJing with vinyl in 2008 and played in nearly every bigger city in Germany in clubs like Golden Gate or Suicide Circus in Berlin, but also other places like France and the Netherlands. In 2017 she really enjoyed playing at ADE for Modern Agenda.

Juliane offers a versatile live act and acts as a talented DJ. For example, one week she played a techno set at Suicide Circus, but the next month she played a live ambient gig at a church in Cologne.

Besides DJing she discovered the world of producing and synths. This has led to many releases on labels such as Manual Music / MNL, Cinematique, The Plot Music, Stripped Digital – of course, Modern Agenda and many others. Juliane has just finished a remix for Nick Warren, which will soon be released on his label Soundgarden.

Juliane loves to do live, hybrid and DJ sets. She released her album ‘Peaceful Heart’ on Honey Drops Recordings in 2017 which went into Beatport Electronica and Progressive Top 10. Juliane loves diving into analog equipment and learn synthesis from the beginning on. She has a big passion for acid music but also loves the sound of the 80s.

Because of her love for special music, she started her own label Wizarding Wolf in May 2019 together with a radio show on DI.FM Progressive.

Thanks to Juliane for taking the time to answer our five “Going Underground” questions and for the fine guest mix.

Describe the moment when you realized you were meant to make music? Or even if not, “meant”, when did you decide to take the leap and go for it?

There were many of those moments… doing my first vinyl transition, buying the first records, playing the first gig, producing the first track, signing the first label contract, founding my own record label… there are so many steps you take. But I remember one day when I was talking to my mom around 2015, when I just finished my Master’s degree in German Linguistics, telling mom I wanted to work as a freelancer, focussing on doing music professionally. I think this was the biggest confession to music in my life so far.

Describe your career at one year in, three years in, and now. Where is it headed from here?

I started DJing in 2008.. wow, time flies. So in 2009 I was still a university student, playing DJ gigs travelling with my a vinyl case bigger than myself all around Germany. My DJ name was Ayana Blume back then. I even had a percussionist travelling with me. It was a lot of fun! 3 years in means 2011, then I was focussing on building up a live set and getting into music production for the first time. Since then a lot more happened: I founded my own label Wizarding Wolf, released music on a lot of great labels and played in a lot of amazing places. I am so happy about everything, also about the support for my own label that is coming from others and I want to thank everyone very much for their support!

What changes did you go through as an artist and in your personal life, do you find you have changed as a person over the years you’ve been an active artist? If yes, how so?

I moved a lot the last years and also personally the last years were a huge rollercoaster ride. I see making music and releasing it as a big emotional challenge, because you are constantly creating something out of your feelings and you are transitioning your innermost thoughts into a piece of art. Imagine, what if a person listens to your music and just doesn’t like it or doesn’t understand the message you wanted to transport? These moments are hard, but they also let you grow as an artist. Since I founded my own label Wizarding Wolf I have the feeling that I can fully express myself without taking care of borders and requirements. And when I get support from DJs I admire, I am always so thankful.

What is your greatest source of inspiration and how do you get yourself in a creative mood when you aren’t feeling especially inspired?

My greatest source of inspiration is partly the music I listen to, but also just life itself. I listen to electronic music a lot, but when I run out of inspiration, I stop doing that and I prefer taking a walk or talking to friends and family. Melodies are a thing which are going around in my head most of the time, so sometimes I just record them to use them later in my tracks. Later I build a drum pattern and so on.

Where can people find your work online (social links) and what are the details for any upcoming gigs and/or releases?

First of all I am so happy to have my first release on Modern Agenda with True Love Has Wings / Forbidden Forest. My next release on Wizarding Wolf is planned for September, I will have Luciano Scheffer as a remixer which I am very happy about – he is just such a talented artist. I just did a remix for Nick Warren which will be released on his label The Soundgarden. This is so cool! I will be also releasing remixes for Cinematique, Mirabilis and Strange Town Recordings. And of course I am looking forward to play at the Modern Agenda party at ADE this year. In 2017 we had so much fun together and now I can’t wait to meet the whole family again!

My links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/julianewolf.music

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/julianewolfmusic

Instagram: www.instagram.com/julianewolf_music

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/julianewolfmusic