FREE DOWNLOAD: Olga Misty – ADE Promo Mix

Here is a new 100% Modern Agenda-made mix by Olga Misty in preparation for her gig at our Modern Agenda ADE Showcase at Kashmir Lounge Dj Cafe October 18!

We have had our eye on Olga for awhile and thank her for supporting the label and its artists over the years in her radio shows and live events.

Beautiful mix, Olga! Can’t wait to see you at ADE! We will be on the dance floor! 😉


01. Robert R. Hardy & Amber Long – Fade In My Dreams (Original Mix)
02. Ivan Sandhas – Slipping Away (Diego Berrondo Remix)
03. Subandrio ft. Amber Long – Morning Glory (Original Mix)
04. Blusoul – Fields Of Glass (Simos Tagias Remix)
05. Dale Middleton – Everything (Golan Zocher Remix)
06. Paul Lennar – Sweet Harmony (Armandhe Remix)
07. Ivan Sandhas – Slipping Away (EANP Remix)
08. Jelly For The Babies – Grey Matter (Nishan Lee Remix)
09. Priya Sen & Aman Anand – Stargaze (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix)
10. Robert R. Hardy – Life Thoughts (Original Mix)
11. Subandrio ft. Amber Long – Atlantis (Original Mix)
12. Golan Zocher & Kamilo Sanclemente Feat. Amber Long – Getting Closer (Original Mix)

RYAN – Daltmar EP

Hailing originally from Buenos Aires, and now Barcelona, RYAN is new to Modern Agenda as a producer but not new to us as an artist. From meeting him face to face in May, then watching him play in the UK in July, RYAN’s talent shines through everything he does.

As a DJ, his mixes are distinct and deep. The same goes for his productions. RYAN’s new Daltmar EP is a prime example of funk fused with depth and flow. Each one of these three tunes have their own unique flavour, the EP as an entirety is a buffet of underground music.

One notable thing is the groove in each one of these tunes. Typically, we put out really moody tunes but these ones are sure to leave you feeling fresh, with a spring in your step. Like you can’t help but curl up a grin while listening.

Meoteric 007 W/ Nadia (Free Download)

Meoteric is a mix series by Manchester based DJ/Producer Joe Marcangelo. This month’s Meoteric guest mix is by the brilliant Nadia,who you can catch playing at Progressive Astronaut’s boat party on 12/10/2019 alongside GMJ & Matter, Moshic & many more.

Click the embedded Souncloud player below to be redirected to Soundcloud were you can get the mix as a free download by clicking the free download button.

Progressive Astronaut Promo Mix from Nadia

Check out this super promo mix from Nadia in preparation for the Progressive Astronaut Events Afterparty, upstairs at the Horse & Groom, 28 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3NZ. The first 110 people to arrive will get in for free with their event wristbands.

Track list :
Yarra Valley (Original Mix) – Vincenzo, Elon – Bedrock Records
Rebirth (Original Mix) – Brian Cid – Lost & Found
The Pitfall (Roman Rai Remix) – Roman Rai, Ricky Ryan – Outside The Box Music
Amnesia (Original Mix) – Enamour – Yoshitoshi Recordings
Veha (Original Mix) – Whoriskey – Full Tilt Recordings
Nonesense Logic – Moshic
Ajna (Original Mix) – Stan Kolev – Outta Limits
Explorer (Original Mix) – Mind Against – Hotflush Recordings
Stella (Ko?lsch Remix Long) – Jam & Spoon, Kolsch – Ultra
Forever Untold (Satoshi Fumi Remix) – Satoshi Fumi, Ian O’Donovan – Perspectives Digital

Our ADE Boat Party is SOLD OUT

Our Modern Agenda ADE Boat Party 2019 is now SOLD OUT.

If you bought a ticket, we have compiled a list of names. Please say the name on the PayPal account at the door. We know most of you and can’t wait to see you again.

If you did not get a ticket, watch the event page in case people are selling their tickets, or check in the day of, if we are at capacity.

Modern Agenda Artists, as in past years, you know the boat is tight. But you know that there is a steady flow of people coming and going. We will keep social media updated with our capacity, or you can text one of us, and you are always welcome, free of charge, if there is room.

Are you ready?!

Nick Muir
Robert Babicz
Priya Sen
Kamilo Sanclemente & Golan Zocher
The Note V
Ivan Sandhas
Amber Long & Robert Mason

Institution 025: Tim Penner

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Tim Penner is a unique artist. He weaves dark textures with driving percussion and sweeping soundscapes, as a means of storytelling through sound.

Penner has released tracks on labels such as JOOF, Sudbeat, Proton Music, Cycles, Black Hole, as well as on his own label – Slideways Music. Indeed, his recent album “Radio Silence” for JOOF Recordings debuted at #1 on Beatport ACROSS ALL GENRES. It was also selected for MixMag’s album of the month.

Penner’s live performances are not to be missed. His DJ career has taken him around the world, including recent gigs in both North and South America, Australia, and Europe. Anyone who has met him will attest to the fact that Tim brings forth a positive, friendly, dynamic vibe on and off the stage.

To say that we are honoured that he has made this exclusive guest mix for us would be an understatement. This is dark and dirty prog at it’s best! Thanks Tim! ❤


Social Links:

Soundcloud: @timpenner

Track List

01 Subandrio – The Other Side (Original Mix)
02 Matan Caspi – Delirious (Original Mix)
03 Erkka – The Floating Point (MKLY Remix)
04 Kastis Torrau – Route 88 (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
05 Luka Sambe & Filter Bear – 27S
06 Recode – Irreale (Alberth Remix)
07 Subandrio – The Future Now (Original Mix)
08 Michael A – Cyclus (Original Mix)
09 Paul Deep – Medusa (John Cosani Remix)
10 Men-D – Vasile (Mehmet Akar Remix)
11 Seth Vogt – 3rd Best Sunset

Meoteric 007 W/ Nadia Guest Mix ( Free Download )

Here is this months Meoteric guest mix from Nadia.

follow Nadia:

Facebook: Nadia LDMN “ناديه”

Soundcloud: @nadiasouth3zero

follow Joe Marcangelo:

Facebook: JoeMarcangeloDJ

Instagram: joemarcangelo

Twitter: JoeMarcangeloDJ

Track list:
Enter – Golan Zocher
Sign of Erevos (Marcelo Paladini Remix) – Paul Angelo, Don Argento
Pure Pleasure (Kostya Outta Remix) – Jelly For The Babies, Kostya Outta
Twilight (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix) – Rick Pier O’Neil, Serge Landar
Maya (Original Mix) – Fresen, Mental Order
Delirious (Original Mix) – Matan Caspi
Afterlife (Ewan Rill Remix) – Dimitris Kalfas, Ewan Rill, Nikko Mavridis
Freeloader (Cid Inc. Remix) – Cid Inc., Rich Curtis
Flawless (Original Mix) – Vitaly Shturm
Discover Feat. Valldeneu(Original Mix) – Triumph, Valldeneu

Going Underground with Audioglider

AUDIOGLIDER has been writing recording, and honing his craft for years. A teenager in the eighties, with dodgy haircuts to match, he saw Kraftwerk supported by the Human League , and straightaway fell in love with electronic music. During the 90’s he released tracks under a series of strange and possibly ill advised pseudonyms (such as Crystal, Backdoor Man, Autovelox & Pastaboy), before finally settling on the ethereal ‘Audioglider, ’ as a perfect name to encapsulate the essence of the music.

AUDIOGLIDER’s first break came with two exclusive tracks on Nick Warren’s GU30 Paris, to much critical acclaim, quickly followed by two EPs , Halcyon, and Slight Return, and remixes on Glenn Morrison’s digital label Morrison Recordings. More experimental output has been released on acclaimed German netlabel group, FOEM –, with the EPs, Sunspots and Circadian Express. An AUDIOGLIDER reworking of Introspective Directive’s ‘Nightfall’, was released on iLabel’s The Chillout Lounge Vol 3, in mid 2009, compiled by Chill Maestro, and ex Fragile State stalwart, Ben Mynott, who has been caning AUDIOGLIDER tunes on his regular Fluidnation Radio shows on Chill Radio, and Fire FM, as well as at the Big Chill.

Audioglider is a master of 80’s inspired downtempo, weaving a shoegazing sensibility together with a funk and dub based rhythm section, that’s not afraid to utilize some of the more interesting structures found in more club based music. He cites influences ranging from Ulrich Schnauss and Massive Attack, to Tori Amos and Talking Heads and you can hear shades of all of these in his music. His latest recordings are a fantastical blend of sounds – fans of John Metcalf, John Hendicott, Brian Eno and Tom Middleton’s Lifetracks will not be disappointed.

We got a chance to ask him our five questions, to see what he had to say and to let us in a little deeper into the world and mind of Audioglider. Thanks for taking the time, Roberto and can’t wait to see you at ADE!

Describe the moment when you realized you were meant to make music? Or even if not, “meant”, when did you decide to take the leap and go for it?

I’ve always had a hankering to make music or rhythm in some shape or form but we didn’t have the resources at home until we agreed to store a drum kit one of my parents’ friends had, in return forgiving me and my brother drum lessons. From there I was hooked……..tapping any surface with fingers to create rhythmic motifs, endless repetition of drumming to my favorite bands at the time, and consequently driving my parents and my neighbours mad……

Soon enough I joined local bands, didn’t want to just play covers, but also had a huge interest in punk and post punk – its was a brave new musical landscape with no rules and you didn’t need to be a virtuoso musician with $$$$ to create. I made demo tapes in my bedroom with a TEAC 4 track home studio, dreaming of a time when I could get the sounds I heard inside my head to a sonic reality – wanting to marry the ethereal splendour of Cocteau Twins, the powerful funk and sonics of Gang Of Four, and the electronics of Kraftwerk, early Human League and Cabaret Voltaire.

Fast Forward to 90s London where I found myself slap bang in the middle of another musical revolution – Acid House. I was a regular at haunts such as Ministry of Sound, Turnmills, The Cross, Heaven, The Drum Club and others. I immersed myself in sound and rhythm once more, and after a few years of spending most of my wages on 12 inch vinyl from Zoom Records in Camden, I managed to blag a gig in Berlin through some visiting Germans at Ministry of Sound. A crash course on the 1200s one afternoon in Zoom Records later, I made my way to Berlin with a bag of records, headphones and some Dutch courage. I was hooked again!

Describe your career at one year in, three years in, and now. Where is it headed from here?

Year 1

I’d been plugging away using rudimentary loop based software such as eJay and later Acid, for a couple of years, learning about structure and releasing music on a few netlabels, as well as contributing to the music community site – Acidplanet – a bit like Soundcloud in it’s time. Around this time I was dabbling in all sorts of styles and trying to find my voice. Speculatively, I sent a couple of my better received compositions, Whiskers and Zusammenallein, to Global Underground as Nick Warren was looking for new music for his upcoming GU30 Paris album. A month or so later, I heard back that he wanted BOTH of them. I was bowled over. It still boggles my mind – it’s all been downhill from there – lol.

Year 3

Coincidentally, on the same disc were Tripswitch and Joey Fehrenbach, two amazing producers whose company and talent I got to know further since those times, through reciprocal remixing of each others work, which we still continue today. Tripswitch was looking for new music for his eclectic downtempo label, Section Records, and he checked out a few of my originals on Soundcloud, and we decided to put together my first artist album called Accidental Beauty, of tracks I had amassed over the previous 3 years – that same time, he submitted one of my tracks to Nick Warren for a Renaissance Masters compilation, which was kindly accepted. I had to pinch myself.


I’m busier than ever with music production, and in the last year or two, have got back into DJing. The move from vinyl to digital was difficult to start with, but I’m getting the hang of it, and improving every time – with that my confidence. I still produce and create downtempo tracks, but also have upped the tempo creating more progressive house styles, with echoes of all my musical influences. I have been kindly mentored by the Modern Agenda family and played a couple of showcases in the UK and Holland so far, with more to come!

What changes did you go through as an artist and in your personal life, do you find you have changed as a person over the years you’ve been an active artist? If yes, how so?

Gosh – I have changed massively – I became a father 12 years ago, and having a family forces you to reprioritise, especially during the early years of a child’s life – late nights on the dancefloor or at house parties were swapped for early mornings changing nappies (diapers). It also meant that I had to find a musical outlet – which is how I turned to production – and these days you don’t need a complex set up. A laptop, decent studio headphones and decent studio speakers to mixdown. It also means I can be flexible where and when I make music – during lunch break in my day job, overnight stays for work – no problem – the hotel room becomes your studio.

As an artist I think I have found my voice somewhat but always developing, always pushing on. I’m quite an introvert, and social media, for all its bad press recently, has been an incredible way to connect with and collaborate with like minded souls – and as such, it has helped me find confidence in my work and the drive to do more.

What is your greatest source of inspiration and how do you get yourself in a creative mood when you aren’t feeling especially inspired?

Well as I mentioned, I try to fit music around my days / commitments as they unfold, so if there is a gap, then I can fill it with a project or remix or sketch out a radio mix. I have learned however, that things don’t always flow, and when that happens, sometimes you’ve just got to close down the DAW and walk away. Coming back to it the next day or day after works better for me than trying to force the issue. My greatest inspiration, is that when I open up the workstation, then nothing else matters – the outside world is shut out and when you achieve flow the tracks almost write themselves, effortless, frictionless – it’s such a buzz. That place is my happy place!

Where can people find your work online (social links) and what are the details for any upcoming gigs and/or releases?

I have been lucky enough to land a regular slot on Frisky Radio for my show Interstellar, showcasing melodic, spectral, yet tough progressive house styles which you can find here:

I also have a Soundcloud Channel where you can check out unreleased material and mixes of mine both downtempo and uptempo styles

And I do have a Facebook page which I try to update as much as I can.

I have a second collaborative album coming out in September, with my pal and melodic maven, Xspance, aka Myles Webb, on Section Records – like Orbital meets Sasha having dinner with Boards of Canada and Ulrich Schnauss. Can’t wait for this to be unleashed.

I’ve also got releases lined up for the rest of this year on Emotional Content, Pro B Tech, Krafted, Stellar Fountain, Tarnished Tracks, Droid 9 which should keep me busy and out of trouble.

DJ dates so far are in London & Amsterdam in October with Progressive Astronaut, and Modern Agenda, but hopefully more to come. Can’t wait!!

Valhalla pres. [Nicolas Rada]

Valhalla proudly presents Nicolas Rada, one of the leading figures of Nick Warren’s renowned label The Soundgarden. The Argentine DJ and Producer is a genius in the productions and on the tracks. Nobody’s right arm except Nick Warren in the studio with countless productions together, Rada collects releases in the best labels such as DAYS like NIGHTS, Chapter 24 Records, SINCOPAT, The Soundgarden and many others.

Completing the night comes from Canada Decker // one of the artists of Modern Agenda, the renowned Canadian progressive techno label headed by Amber Long and Robert Mason.

On the part of Valhalla Rivellino and RYAN promise a very fine b2b with the best of the house, Valhalla sound *

Valhalla orgullosamente presenta Nicolas Rada, una de las principales figuras del reconocido label de Nick Warren The Soundgarden

El DJ y Productor Argentino es un genio en las producciones y en las pistas.

Brazo derecho de nadie menos que Nick Warren en el studio con innumerables producciones en conjunto, Rada colecciona releases en los mejores sellos como DAYS like NIGHTS, Chapter 24 Records, SINCOPAT, The Soundgarden y muchos otros más.

Completando la noche llega desde Canadá Decker// uno de los artistas de Modern Agenda, el reconocido label de progressive techno canadiense en cabeza de Amber Long y Robert Mason.

Por parte de Valhalla Rivellino y RYAN prometen un b2b muy fino con lo mejor de la casa, sonido Valhalla *

Nicolas Rada




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