FREE DOWNLOAD: Olga Misty – ADE Promo Mix

Here is a new 100% Modern Agenda-made mix by Olga Misty in preparation for her gig at our Modern Agenda ADE Showcase at Kashmir Lounge Dj Cafe October 18!

We have had our eye on Olga for awhile and thank her for supporting the label and its artists over the years in her radio shows and live events.

Beautiful mix, Olga! Can’t wait to see you at ADE! We will be on the dance floor! 😉


01. Robert R. Hardy & Amber Long – Fade In My Dreams (Original Mix)
02. Ivan Sandhas – Slipping Away (Diego Berrondo Remix)
03. Subandrio ft. Amber Long – Morning Glory (Original Mix)
04. Blusoul – Fields Of Glass (Simos Tagias Remix)
05. Dale Middleton – Everything (Golan Zocher Remix)
06. Paul Lennar – Sweet Harmony (Armandhe Remix)
07. Ivan Sandhas – Slipping Away (EANP Remix)
08. Jelly For The Babies – Grey Matter (Nishan Lee Remix)
09. Priya Sen & Aman Anand – Stargaze (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix)
10. Robert R. Hardy – Life Thoughts (Original Mix)
11. Subandrio ft. Amber Long – Atlantis (Original Mix)
12. Golan Zocher & Kamilo Sanclemente Feat. Amber Long – Getting Closer (Original Mix)

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