Lucas Rossi – Parables EP

Modern Agenda is thrilled to have Lucas Rossi back with this own complete EP on Modern Agenda. Parables, Lucas’ original tune was picked up immediately and played by our friend and mentor, Hernan Cattaneo as soon as we signed it. From there, Hernan went on to play the Funkstate remix as well at Ministry of Sound. The whole EP is a must-have for all Progressive lovers.

True to proper progressive house form, Lucas delivers an incredible original. A nice round sound with effective mids throughout, keeping listeners teased. Dreamy vocal licks play amongst the synth work, all coming together in beautiful melodies, still with a bit of edge.

A deep and groovy version of the original, Dark Soul Project and Gustavo Calaf bring us their remix and join us on Modern Agenda with this, their first release with us. The synth work on this one is more intense and insistent, and the pressure rises and falls, just right.

The dreamiest of the three, Funkstate’s remix of Parables is sheer gold. Reminiscent of all things delightful and in flux, this remix has flow, melody and unbeatable optimism. The bass is rolling but stays light throughout. The right recipe for lift-off!

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